Canola Biodiesel

Clean fuel – clear opportunity for Canada

Like markets around the world, Canada is choosing biodiesel. Now Canada faces another important choice: Will we continue to import biodiesel from the U.S.? Or will we produce our own biodiesel, building on the success of a truly made-in-Canada crop?

We think the choice is clear. Let’s keep the jobs, investment and expertise here in Canada. Let’s make the most of our thriving canola industry.

Canada’s canola industry is ready for the challenge. In 30 years we’ve built Canada’s canola industry from the ground, and we’re committed to doing the same for biodiesel.

Canola is the ideal biodiesel feedstock – particularly for Canada, where fuel must stand up to frigid winter conditions. We already produce enough canola to fuel the growth of biodiesel production without affecting the supply of cooking oil. And our canola production continues to grow as higher-yielding varieties are developed.

To get Canada’s biodiesel industry moving, we need to do what other nations have done. We need to create an assured market, strong incentives to build biodiesel plants, and mandated standards for biodiesel production.

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