Meeting Europe’s Requirements

Europe’s biodiesel industry is a huge export opportunity for Canada’s canola industry. It’s important to meet the EU’s market access requirements, which are outlined in the Renewable Energy Directive (RED).

RED requirements

  • Criteria must be met by the entire value chain, from growers to the biofuel processors.
  • A certificate of sustainability must be attached to all canola exported for the RED market.
  • All growers who choose to supply canola for this market must be certified.

The Canadian canola industry uses the International Sustainability and Carbon Certification (ISCC) system – the largest certification scheme.

How certification works

Audits are conducted of the entire supply chain, including growers, crushing facilities, primary elevators, export terminals and the supply chain in Europe. ISCC trains and approves the independent auditors.

All growers participating in this export opportunity must be “audit ready” – but only a small random sample of growers will actually be audited each year.

If you are one of the growers selected for an audit, it’s very important that you pass. If you don’t pass the audit, you’ll have 40 days to rectify the deficiency. If you don’t rectify the deficiency, you will be disqualified from further participation in this export opportunity.

Getting audit ready

First determine whether you can meet the ISCC requirements. Use the Audit-Ready Checklist to confirm that you have all the required information and documentation, and that your practices meet the ISCC standard. Contact your local elevator or crushing plant if you have questions.

Contact your canola delivery point after you complete the checklist. Advise them that you would like to participate in this export opportunity and that you will be able to meet the audit requirements.

Talk to your canola delivery point about signing the Land Clearance Declaration form. Provide a copy to the local delivery point participating in the program.

Wait for instructions. Your delivery point will tell you when canola can be delivered for export to the EU biodiesel market.