Examen des priorités

March 8, 2018


The Canola Council Board of Directors has initiated a process to confirm industry priorities and the CCC’s role in the sustainable growth and profitability of the sector. This process will be guided by a continued focus on building efficiencies through partnership and collaboration to make the best use of member contributions, while remaining agile and delivering results for the Canadian canola value chain. Outcomes will shape the formation of the CCC’s mandate, work plan and budget for 2019 and beyond to ensure it fully aligns with changing industry needs.


As part of the Priorities Review, five task groups have been established to focus on the short and long-term opportunities for growth in the canola sector and review the threats to achieving this growth. Each task group is led by CCC board directors and includes representatives from across the value chain. The teams are:  

  • Market Access & Government Advocacy: Secure board alignment on market access and government affairs priorities in-line with CCC strategy, and advise on external partnerships in achieving objectives in these areas.

  • Market Development: Establish a consensus on the CCC’s role and strategic priorities in market development including geographies and activities, level of investment, long-term strategic direction, metrics to determine success, and opportunities for collaboration with companies, grower associations and other commodity groups.

  • Crop Production & Innovation: Review and understand member company/organization goals and issues pertaining to crop production/agronomy services and research. Advise on priorities for CCC crop production mandate and focus on strategic issues.

  • Industry Leadership: Explore CCC’s role in leading canola sector activities and our role in Canadian agriculture. How can the CCC help shape the environment for a successful industry, best collaborate with other associations and secure the opportunities that position canola for future growth.

  • Finance Committee:  Review funding model options for resourcing the CCC and recommend to the board.

Member and Stakeholder Outreach

Each of the task groups will be establishing mechanisms for canola industry outreach throughout the process. In the meantime, CCC members and stakeholders are welcome to provide comments via email at prioritiesreview@canolacouncil.org. Updates will be provided at canolacouncil.org