Ultimate Canola Challenge

Ultimate Canola Challenge

What is UCC?

The Ultimate Canola Challenge (UCC) is a program to challenge growers to obtain higher yields and profitability. It started in 2013, originating from the idea of pitting agronomists or researchers against each other in head-to-head competitions to see who could produce better canola yields. However, this effort did not come to fruition because the researchers believed that following the same best management practices that the agronomists promoted would produce the best result.

So the approach of the UCC was adjusted to testing whether various canola products, such as micro-nutrients and macro-nutrients, could increase yields and profitably when used in conjunction with the CCC recommended best management practices for canola. These were tested at multiple research locations across the prairies for two years. In 2015, the UCC evolved into a vehicle to encourage canola growers to evaluate new products and practices for themselves using their own field scale trials.

UCC Protocols and Best Management Practices

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Considerations for implementing a trial

The Canola Council of Canada Best Management Practices (BMPs) are a collection of information, recommendations and tips that are available through many resources, including the Canola EncyclopediaCanola Watch and print resources. This document provides reference to some of these excellent resources, for each of the following crop production topics and subtopics.

1)     Field preparations and considerations

2)     Seeding and stand establishment

3)     Fertility management

4)     Crop protection and integrated pest management

5)     Harvest Management


Previous UCC Results

Posters of all UCC trials from 2013 to 2017 (PDF)

Slides of 2015 UCC field-scale trials on boron (PDF)

Slides of the 2013-2014 small plot trials on multiple additive canola products (PDF)