Canola Council meets with Trade Diversification Minister Jim Carr

March 28, 2019

Today in Winnipeg the Canola Council brought together representatives of the canola value chain to discuss what’s required to resolve challenges facing our canola seed exports to China. We are confident that the Government of Canada understands the impact that losing the Chinese seed market has on canola growers and the whole value chain, and is committed to working with China to reopen the market as soon as possible.

During the discussion, the Canola Council affirmed that Canada’s canola is of the highest quality, and that trade with China must continue to be based on science. Given the importance of the Chinese seed market, the Canola Council affirmed that resuming seed trade to China is the first priority of the industry. Growing opportunities to export canola to other countries, diversifying away from China, was also discussed.

For more information on trade with China, check out our centralized resource for common questions and updates: Canola & China – What growers should know