Canadian Agri-Science Clusters Initiative

Canola/Flax Science Cluster 2009-2013

The Canola/Flax Agri-Science Cluster is a partnership between the Canola Council of Canada and Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC).

It sponsors research and technology transfer in three key areas:

How projects are funded

The $20.2 million fund includes $14.5 million from the federal government (AAFC) and $5.7 million from the canola industry through the Canola Council.

The Canola Council of Canada’s core funding is a voluntary levy paid by Canadian canola processors and exporters: Richardson, A.C. Toepfer, Viterra, Louis Dreyfus and Cargill, the Alberta Canola Producers Commission, SaskCanola, Manitoba Canola Growers Association, BASF, Bayer CropSciences, Dow AgroSciences, DL Seeds, Monsanto Canada, Pioneer Hi-Bred and Syngenta Crop Protection.

Additional industry funding is provided by SaskCanola, Manitoba Canola Growers Association, Alberta Canola Producers Commission and Dow AgroSciences. The industry funding for the flax portion of the Science Cluster is derived from the Flax Council of Canada.

How the projects were selected

Under the leadership of Canola Council, research projects were proposed by the Canadian canola science community to the Canola/Flax Science Cluster. Industry stakeholders and academic experts identified and prioritized the key opportunities that needed to be addressed. See research categories.


The Canola Council has entered into two agreements with AAFC for the duration of the program (ending March 31, 2013):

  • The Contribution Agreement (CA) encompasses activities relating directly to third-party researchers. The Canola Council has signed individual agreements with their institutes to facilitate funding management.
  • The Collaborative Research and Development Agreement (CRDA) reflects activities supported by AAFC researchers. Funding for these activities is directly managed by AAFC.

Researcher Resources

The tools you need to pursue funding and report on progress.

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The Canola/Flax Canadian Agri-Science Cluster Initiative is a partnership between the Canola Council of Canada and Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada to sponsor research and technology transfer that supports canola/flax in three key areas: oil nutrition, meal nutrition and crop production. This will enable the industry to grow and provide canola/flax growers and the entire value chain with a profitable and sustainable future.